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6 Hotels
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Location: Bamako
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Location: Yaoundé
9 Hotels
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Popular Hotels

Brazzaville Beach Hôtel Brazzaville Beach Hôtel (Brazzaville)
Located outside the city, Brazzaville Beach Hotel...

Hôtel du Golf Hôtel du Golf (Abidjan)
4 Stars
Hôtel du Golf is Abidjan's luxury hôtel. Its 306...

Hôtel Le Wafou Hôtel Le Wafou (Abidjan)
3 Stars
Located near the airport, Le Wafou combines the...

Hôtel du Sahel Hôtel du Sahel (Niamey)
In the vicinity of the city center and the Niger...

Villa Lys Villa Lys (Brazzaville)
The Villa Lys is a beautiful hotel of 18...

Hôtel Hippocampe Hôtel Hippocampe (Brazzaville)
Hotel Hippocampe is a family-run hotel of 12...

Last Hotels

Afrique Hotel Douala Airport (Douala)
Situé à 5 minutes de l'aéroport International de Douala au Cameroun, sur le plus grand Boulevard de...

Hotel Cosmopolite (Lubumbashi)
Cosmopolite Hotel is an upscale hotel in Lubumbashi city center. It offers only 30 luxurious rooms...

Beau Site Hotel (Lubumbashi)
Hotel Beau Site is located in the heart of Lubumbashi. It has 41 rooms with air-con, satellite TV...

Hotel Lubumbashi (Lubumbashi)
Located in the city-center and just 5 km from the airport, Hotel Lubumashi is an upscale hotel of...

Résidence Céline Hôtel Cotonou Résidence Céline Hôtel Cotonou (Cotonou)
Just in front of the superb Fidjossè beach, the Résidence Céline is located in an outstanding...

Résidence Les Dalia Résidence Les Dalia (Niamey)
Located in the heart of Niamey, the Résidence Les Dalia is a reliable, secure and comfortable hotel...

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